On April 19, 2023, the influential CDP (formerly known as the Carbon Disclosure Project) announced that nearly 7,000 organizations worldwide can disclose their plastic-related impacts for the first time, as CDP’s global environmental disclosure platform opens for 2023 reporting. CDP is adding plastic-related reporting to its online platform in response to a request from more than 740 investors with US$136 trillion in assets.

Last October, CDP reported that a record of around 20,000 organizations (over 18,700 companies representing over half of global market capitalization and around 1,100 companies and governments) reported on CDP’s platform in 2022 and that this was a 38% increase over the prior year.

Through the platform, organizations will disclose information on the production and use of the most problematic plastics, i.e., plastic polymers, durable plastics, and plastic packaging. This data will be made publicly available in September 2023.

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